Quick Overview



Touch control for more ease of use

 The possibility of manual washing through the wash basin

Thanks to the application of the latest technological methods, we have been able to create a significantly more energy efficient washing machine

Withdrawal of water according to the weight of clothes is a property that achieves consumption in water and also works intelligently in drawing quantity according to the amount of clothing

It features powerful pumps for faster melting of powder crystals to add the toughest stains

The washing machine allows the use of regular powders without compromising on the automatic programming process or the level of addition of laundry to the amount of clothes






 Gross Wighet: 43kg


 Capacity: 10kg


 Dimension: 660*630*1070mm


 Wash Speed: 110RPM


 Spin Speed: 700RPM


 Power of Motor: 220W/1.5A


 Ferquency: 50-60 Hz